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Company personnel, the management has a Ph.D. advisor (professor), post-doctoral, PhD, Master of the number of people, college and undergraduate education of nearly 100 people, workers with secondary and 40% in the technology culture. The staffing level of the entire company and high level of professionalism, the formation of the echelon. Company in 2006 was named Hefei "private enterprise", and a number of national patents. 1, the company has a professional R & D department, R & D technical staff has over ten years of professional experience in product design, development of very experienced, have a good product development capabilities, a solid talent base for R & D of new products. 2, the company has a dedicated processing machinery and equipment, customized to a variety of stamping, hydraulic, drawing dies, special angle of attack, punching, mold, making the production process to further refine and reduce the difficulty of production, improve the production level; products of mass production, pipeline operations, quality and stability, has maintained a leading position in the kitchenware industry. Many times through the detection of the relevant authoritative department, and has received numerous honors. 3, the company's state-of-the-art on-site management system, strict testing system, a full-time inspection posts and a variety of professional test tools, equipment, and ensure product quality, time pass rate of 99.9%. In recent years new high-tech CNC equipment and continue to cultivate a professional highly skilled employees, and improve the quality of the product, product grade pairs on a higher level.

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