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Hundred years the five-star in strict accordance with ISO9001 international quality management system standards, strict quality control, production processes from the priority of design, materials and accessories, production, processing, installation and service management to form a set of scientific, rigorous and standardized operation mechanism , thus ensuring a good quality five-star centuries. In recent years, a hundred years Five Star has received a number of national patents, and walk in the forefront of the industry in product development.

Company's products is divided into three categories: commercial kitchen equipment, catering equipment, marine equipment. The breakdown of the various products of hundreds of species, can meet the needs of a variety of consumer spending. And qualification of the product is fully guaranteed to buy the product, the company is Hefei brand-name products, the integrity unit, the president of the unit, a member of the City kitchenware Association, Hefei top ten food and beverage supplier.

The company produces energy-saving stove series, as well as energy-saving standardization project subversion now all over the country the traditional energy-saving stove all the technical characteristics of the radiation plate and heat absorbing device made of high quality composite materials to make our products in the gas energy efficiency traditional stoves save 50% more than more than 20 percent of the market widely popular energy-saving stoves energy-saving.

The company is also launched the first "standardized" and "simplified" the transformation of energy-saving stove, an appropriate transformation of the price, the transformation process is simple and fast, after the transformation of the stove burner energy saving than the traditional 40% or more, in fact, major hotels enterprises canteen energy conservation, to create a profit-maximizing preferred.

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